Thursday, February 6, 2014

Compile eepe r392 for MacOSX

Getting eepe to compile on a Mac is not too bad once you get everything in the right place. The versions of code I am running are as follows:
  • Mac OSX 10.7.5
  • xcode 4.2
  • Qt 4.8.2
I am going to assume you have some basic understanding of installing applications, downloading source code, and generally working with source code. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install XCode if you have not already done so (you can get this from the App Store) and install Qt 4.8.x from  5.x might work as well, but I have not tried that.

Step 2: Make a directory in your home directory for source code, I call mine "workspace"

Step 3: Download the missing qextserialenumerator_osx.cpp file from .  I downloaded the following file: Save this file to the workspace directory in your home directory

Step 4: Open a terminal
> cd workspace
> unzip

Step 5: Check out the eepe source code
> svn checkout eepe

Step 6: Copy the missing files to the eepe source tree and build xcode project.  Unlike in Linux, qmake does not make a Makefile, but rather an xcode project.
> cp qextserialport-1.2rc/src/* eepe/src/
> cd eepe/src
> qmake

Step 7: From Finder open the following file "~/workspace/eepe/src/eepe.xcodeproj".  It should open in XCode if you have it installed correctly.  Now from the XCode menu select Product -> Archive.  This will build an archive version of the eepe code.

Step 8: After a few minutes the "Organizer" window should pop open and you should see your eepe project.  Control-Click and select "Show In Finder".  Then Control-Click the file "eepe 2-6-14 10.26 PM.xcarchive" (your file name will be slightly different based on date and time) and select "Show Package Contents".  Navigate down this tree to Products -> Applications and find the  Now drag this to your Desktop or the Applications directory and run the